Words about Sound of the Spheres

Trip-O-Meter: 5 out of 5
And when I want to trippily trip on down to Tripsville, nothing trips me out like this tripped out collection of trippy tunes!
(- Dr.Schluss’ Garage of Psychedelic Obscurities -)

Sferi has created a cooly scientific and detailed understanding of each planet and its personality through a use of experimental signals, deep ambient synths and the blackest of drones, staring into the unimaginable void of our Galaxy and beyond; the starting point for reaching out into the furthest depths of the Universe.
(- A Closer Listen -)

Yes, this soundtrack astronomy is dedicated only to selected listeners who are able, without prejudice, be open to an alternative vision of our universe and bold interpretation of sidereal depths. No doubt about it: this artist makes no compromises a project, complete with head and tail, not easy to develop.
(- Aristocrazia Webzine -)

You know the sort, the kind of music that doesn’t blast the hinges off anything, rather is erodes away your awareness and anxiousness until you’re feeling strangely different.
(- SpacerockMountain -)

Sound of the Spheres is a retro-experimental jam, with orbiting improvisations and moments of exceptional gravity.
(- The Muse in Music -)

For the most part, the songs sound like they could have originated in space, if such transmissions could get a hold of a decent producer…listening to the whole thing all the way through really feels like an 80-minute trip to the edge of the solar system.
(- Noise in the Zen Arcade -)

Sferi has created a strong collection of music on this album that evokes vivid imagery and resonates in a variety of ways
(- Ping Things -)

Sferi may well be one of those projects that become orphaned at birth. Maybe soon been forgotten at the time of its release, a mixture of ignorance with total indifference to the future. Sound of The Spheres however is an exploration that runs well and goes by itself alone. As a particle that ignores everything adrift in a vast universe.
(- Temple Zebra -)

SFERI has a new masterpiece full of majestic metaphors. Using glockenspiels, guitars, singing bowls, synthesizers & more. The universe is explained through psychedelic waves
(- Clap & Collide -)


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