Теми и Идеи – The Rigged Orchestra


After a relatively long period of time this release, finally, is seeing the light of the day.
And as unexpected seems as a strange thing, this album is a strange thing because it wasn’t intended to be.

4 or 5 years ago nearly all compositions were developed and completed, as future to be songs, on acoustic guitar. The intent was to record the songs with cheap headphones mic or to wait/find electrical guitar and record them properly. But, at the time, this technique(s) proved to be ineffective and frustrating. So, all those ideas not to go in vain, the solution came through a plugin, named Soundfont player, from the FL Studio program that proved to be helpful tool for transferring those song-ideas. Although it felt kind of strange replaying guitar themes (that were meant to be played on elec. guitar, loud, fast and noisy) with orchestral string plugin.

The first impressions from those demo recordings felt promising, but somehow uncompleted and monotonous due the use of one instrument, only changing octaves for variety. For some time the demos were left out, the long awaited elec.guitar came, new songs were recorded (“Impresii” series), new sound explorations undertaken (“Fikcii” series). And then, 8 months ago, the tools (sound libraries) for completing the job were found out.

Demos revisited, changed, updated, finished.


P.S. The photos, for the artwork, are taken in Prague, it’s one of the sculptures from the Anna Chromy’s “Čeští Muzikanti” (“Czech Musicians”) installation.


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