Review: fydhws – Eden i Dva (2010)

From Recent Music Heroes blogspot.

/Drone, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Post-rock, Conceptual, Epic, Minimalism, Guitar ambient, Ambient drone, Ambient noise/

Comment: fydhws is the favorite musician of mine from Macedonia (I do not want to exploit the derogatory combination of certain initials and dots to have used generally for hinting at that former Yugoslavian country). I like fydhws`s sound because he used to head up the elements into an idiosyncratic, vanguard-ish rock maelstrom. Furthermore, at times the term “rock” or even “post-rock” can be described in indirect sense only. Here are up 18 minutes spreaded out over 2 tracks, however, both of them are dedication to Glenn Branca, an American guitar hero. Due to Branca, however, the dedication can be reduced to the pioneers of the minimalism, and ultimately to the brothers Russolos. More profoundly, the enterprise is made up on one guitar eddying in a tense, droning whirlpool, however, there can be detected for lofty, ascending high-registered keys and chords ringing subsequently like a new breed of noiseful symphony. The guitar tuning is arranged at E-E-E-B-B-B. Almost destroying!


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